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Enigma - MCMXC a.D. (1990)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer Enigma
Length 40:17
Format CD
Genre Pop
Label Virgin
Index 77
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
01 The voice of Enigma 02:21
02 Principles of lust 11:43
03 Callas went away 04:27
04 Mea culpa 05:03
05 The voice and the snake 01:40
06 Knocking on forbidden doors 04:31
07 Back to the rivers of Belief 10:32
Rating 70%
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
UPC 077778622420
Release date: 11/02/1999
Original release date: 1990
Label: Virgin
Producer: Enigma
Pieces in Set: 2
Catalog#: 47871
Distributor: n/ a
Desc: Performer

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Additional Notes:

This is a limi ted edition reissue which contains a bonus disc of six remixes.

Enigma includes: Michael "Curly M.C." Cretu, David Fairstein.

"Good evening. T his is the voice of Enigma. In the next hour we will take
you with us into another world, into the world of music, spirit and meditation.
Turn off t he lights, take a deep breath and relax." So begins the experience
of MCMX C A.D. The soft female voice with a beckoning European accent amidst
an et hereal backdrop of harmonic soundscapes is followed by Gregorian
chanting, and, finally, the beat. "Start to move slowly. Very slowly.
Let the rhyth m be your guiding light."

Perhaps this is what a techno artist would cr eate to incite monks to dance:
innocent grooves, sacred texts. Until, ther e enters another breathy, sensual
woman with sultry French talk. By now th ere's a compelling dance groove,
which builds for a few minutes, then fina lly plateaus into a space filled
with dripping sounds where the beat is ke pt afloat by the rhythmic panting
of our seductress. Gradually this grows as more instruments are added,
and she continues, this time in English, wi th "The Principles Of Lust."
Finally the panting becomes erratic, the Monk s sing backwards, and Enigma
has another fan.
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